“Your Mission, should you accept it…”

Assassin Run

About Assassin Run:

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

A Downtown San Diego Adventure Race that has you, an Assassin running through the city streets and buildings following the clues that lead to the money!

Every Assassin Runner wants to win and will kill you the second they get the chanceā€¦ trust nobody, kill first, outwit and outrun!

Assassin Run is the latest fun run to come to San Diego that is for the James Bond, Assassin/Spy fan. It’s for those who want a 3-4 mile fun run that has suspense, adventure and has you a bit paranoid, after all you are being hunted by assassins.

Assassin Run is not your ordinary fun run, no, Assassin Run gives the winner cold hard cash! Better than a medal don’t you think?

For more information please go to www.AssassinRun,com.

There is no exact location as it’s a covert fun run that takes you through the streets of Downtown San Diego.

Facebook URL: Assassin Run Facebook

Twitter Handle: @assassinrun

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